Why Book A Session?

Some may think it's crazy to want to do a boudoir or glamour photo shoot. You may be one of them! :) Fear not, I understand the hesitation. 

I want to present some reasons why I think you should seriously consider booking a session. 



It's Fantastic Fun 

Most women that I do a session with remark that it's like playing dress up when they were little but you get awesome pictures too. I agree! I want to my clients to connect back to that time when they didn't care cause no one was watching. I want them to have the freedom to try something bold and daring with the assurance of confidentiality. Imagine the Audacity!

It's that essence that I want to create (or re-create) for you with more sophistication and professional polish. Styling plays a critical role for these sessions so we'll make sure that you look your best and have the right outfits that flatter you and feel sexy, confident and desired. Feel free to go over the top if you feel like it!! 


It's a Gift

Initially some of my clients go into the session looking to give the images as a gift to someone significant to them but often they are surprise when they realize that they've also giving someone else a gift...a gift to themselves.

The gift is confirmation of what you are capable of becoming and being. This a gift that photography can capture for you! I'd love the chance to prove this too you.



It Captures Intimacy

The magic of portrait photography is in the art of capturing intimacy. It's not just about taking sexy pictures its about capturing that intimate energy of the inner spirt of each woman. 

My goal with each session is to make connection with the woman that I'm shooting. Every woman has an energy she wants to reveal. She is selective with who she will share this with. I want to be worth of that trust so that she will open up and share that spirit so that we can capture that for her and she can have that gift for herself. My job is to help her reveal that spirit so that she can see and accept the gifts that she has to offer.


It is Self Empowerment

I'm often told by the women that I photograph that they feel empowered and liberated after doing a session, I work hard to create a safe and encouraging environment, free from judgement and self-hate. I want a safe haven for my clients from the toxicity that they endure daily that tell them what they offer isn't good enough or desirable.  

Its empowering to allow yourself to be vulnerable and receive back masculine validation that yes you are desirable, sexy and glamorous.