Want to know what happens after you book your session?  Here is a summary  of  what you can expect for your experience!

Questionnaire, Welcome Pack and  Consult:

Once you've booked you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out so that I can understand more specifically what you are looking to shoot and get and idea of what your preferences are for catering the session toward them. 

I will also send you my Welcome Pack that will have all kinds of info and insight on what to wear, where to shop, styling tips, a pre-shoot check-list and other specific shoot info so that you have a go to reference source for preparing for the session.

Shortly before the shoot (usually 1 week but can be shorter if it's a last minute booking) we will do a consult where we will talk specifics for the shoot and map out our plan for how we want to do the session and discuss specific shoot-related matters. 


I primarily depend on the client to bring items that they have or have bought for the shoot. You know your body best and what flatters you the most and feel most comfortable wearing. Don't think that this needs to be super skimpy :) It's fine to leave a little something to the imagination, but if you’re confident and want to bare a little more it's all good. 

I do have wardrobe and shoes if your budget doesn't allow for you to buy a lot of outfits. We are typically looking to shoot 4-5 looks. So between your stuff and my stuff we should be able to put together the looks we need.

The Welcome Pack will have a list of must bring items for the session and a  list of other items that you can consider bringing with you.

The Session:  

Your session  includes professional hair and makeup. We have your favorite music playing, product samples to show you and snacks to feed you as you make yourself at home.  Once you’re done with hair and make-up styling, it’s time to change into your first outfit to shoot the first look. I’ll guide you through the posing and expressions so you'll look your best!

After Your Photo Shoot:  

Once we’re done with your photo shoot, we will view the images or if you live far away we can arrange for a video conference (via Skype or Zoom) for us to review them soon after the shoot.  You’ll then choose the images you want  and any products that you want to present them in.  I'll take your order and process the images and place your order. Once I receive the order and it passes my inspection, we will arrange a time to meet up so that I can deliver your order or arrange to have it shipped to you. That’s it!